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Colonial Williamsburg, VA

Beautiful early November sky - CHECK. Weekend off - CHECK. Day trip Destination Picked - CHECK. AJ was in Virginia for a class last fall that lasted a month. While the class was crazy demanding, we were able to schedule a few days late birthday celebration for AJ! I drove up to Fort Lee from… Continue reading Colonial Williamsburg, VA

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48 hours in the DMV

A lot of people struggle between working full time jobs [with limited vacation days], and fulfilling their dream of traveling the world. Now whether or not you consider Washington DC to be at the top of your travel bucket list, it certainly should be! You finally made your way to DC! Now what?? First, Decide… Continue reading 48 hours in the DMV

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Norfolk, Virginia

July 2018 Some friends I made, since moving up here to Virginia, and I went on a semi-spontaneous trip to Norfolk for a weekend escape. Oddly enough, most people would actually ask, why Norfolk? Well we actually went for a taco festival! Except we never even got to attend because it was sold out. So… Continue reading Norfolk, Virginia