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2020 Christmas Card

Ms. to Mrs. & Mr. to Husband – January 11, 2021.

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75 Days Towards A New Lifestyle

Happy Sunday evening from the currently not so sunny, Bavaria! We, AJ & I, have both been unhappy with how we’ve been feeling physically, and COVID as an excuse, has just gone on for far too long… sooo, we decided to go big or go home by kicking off a 75 medium! We sat down… Continue reading 75 Days Towards A New Lifestyle

30. Between Two Kingdoms

Suleika Jaouad’s memoir of her interrupted life by her unwanted visitor will resonate with anyone, no matter what paths your life has crossed. Her story starts just before her original diagnosis and takes us through remission. Along the way, we meet a bunch of others along Suleika’s journey that are all going through their own… Continue reading 30. Between Two Kingdoms

29. Meet me in Monaco

Sophie Duval is a perfumer in Cannes when the biggest star of the time stumbles into her struggling shop. Sophie being Sophie helps the star avoid the press following her, and ends up making a friend for life. Through social spotlights, Hollywood movies, selfish people and a wedding for the ages, Sophie makes it a… Continue reading 29. Meet me in Monaco

28. Angels of the Pacific: A WWII Novel

This novel fell right in line with my favorite way historical fiction novels are set up… multiple person views, overlapping story lines, growth, challenges, and a glimpse into the future. The difference with Angels of the Pacific though, is that it was about the war in Manila and surrounding areas. I LOVED this change of… Continue reading 28. Angels of the Pacific: A WWII Novel


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