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Day Trip to Pilsen, Czech Republic

Plzeň, Česká Republika 🇨🇿 With winter being here, I figured it was about time for me to start sharing the adventures we had almost a year ago, so that people can get ideas of what to do on a day the weather warms up and the skies are clear. Last February, AJ and I decided… Continue reading Day Trip to Pilsen, Czech Republic

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Prague, Czech Republic – Christmas 2022

Praha, Česká Republika Let me start with saying that Czech is the country most visited by us outside of Germany, which caused us to do some extensive research in order to make this visit special since we would be there over Christmas. Our search options told us that although majority of European Christmas markets close… Continue reading Prague, Czech Republic – Christmas 2022

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Christmas Markets – 2022

Unfortunately, most of last year's Christmas markets were closed after being open for only a few days (COVID), or they didn't open at all... so it should be no surprise that I wanted to hit the ground running this year! Well at least as much as working full time allowed for... Amberg First on our… Continue reading Christmas Markets – 2022

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Jacklyn’s Best Buys of 2022

With the year coming to an end, I have had some time to reflect on my favorite purchases that have left their mark in our home, or become one of my go to's for trips. Check them out -- and let me know what you think! Amazon in general has been an absolute life saver… Continue reading Jacklyn’s Best Buys of 2022

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[German] Christmas Markets – 2021

When it comes to holidays and Germany, everyone almost always brings up Christmas Markets in Germany! Lucky for us, we love a good reason to get out and explore and I LOVE all things Christmas so this was something I was especially looking forward to this holiday season. Usually the markets open the later half… Continue reading [German] Christmas Markets – 2021