My name is Jacklyn and I do things. There’s usually no pattern to anything I do, I just get an idea and run with it. I’m pretty consistent though, in my own inconsistent way. Basically impossible to ever really understand fully. 

I decided to start a blog on September 10, 2017 when I was sitting in the dark of my South Florida home during Hurricane Irma. At the same time, I decided to relocate somewhere and bought a plane ticket to Virginia for later that week. Once I got through the next few days, I made my way to the airport and stepped foot at Ronald Reagan National Airport. That’s when things really changed for me. I’ve since found two jobs, am getting ready to move into a new position within the company and now my life as I knew it, will never be the same. Alright, let me be less dramatic. But in all seriousness, my situation has changed, but my passion for visiting different places is stronger than ever. And this is why I finally got around to starting my blog, to share my future journey. 

Run down about me: I’m 27 years old, Gemini, single mother of 2 dogs, and I love tacos. I also half speak English and a quarter speak Spanish.