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All I Want For Christmas

by Maggie Knox

Sadie is trying to make a future for herself in the music scene in Nashville, Tennessee. The catch is that she has to win a singing competition called Starmaker first. Sadie has some pretty tough competition to beat, though, including the already renowned Max Brodie.

Luckily, with the guidance of her managers and support of loved ones, Sadie manages to succeed and kickstart her dreams of becoming a star.

Over the next few years, we follow Sadie on one heck of a journey from Nashville to Canada, and through heartache and love.

This was such a great listen, in my personal opinion. Maggie Knox did a wonderful job making life relatable for us as we follow the lives of the famous artists in All I Want for Christmas.

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

📚 Completed: January 20, 2023- 🎧 Audiobook on Audible

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Happy reading! 📚

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