The Banned Bookshop of Maggie Banks

by Shauna Robinson

Maggie Banks is just like a lot of us — trying to figure life out.

Having had various jobs during her lifetime, she’s now filling in for one of the most important roles of her life. That role is one which leads to her managing her pregnant best friend Rochelle’s bookstore, which is the main source of income for Rochelle’s family, while she’s on bed rest.

The problem is that her best friend entered into a partnership with the local Bell Society in the town honoring a famous author, Edward Bell. The arrangement results in the store only being allowed to carry classic literature that was published before Bell’s death in the 1960s. The popularity of one of Bell’s works, “The First Dollar,” led to the naming of the town in which this new adult fiction novel takes place: Bell River. Throughout the novel, people often visit the town as a way to learn more about Bell, his life, and his works. One of the ways these tourists did this is by visiting the local bookstore which still displays Edward’s writing desk to this day. Although customers would often purchase a book or two during their visit, it was hardly enough to keep the store afloat. As the story progresses, and in Rochelle’s absence, the Bell Society becomes less confident in Maggie’s ability to run the shop the way they want it ran.

Not wanting to let her best friend down, Maggie contemplates ways to make money to keep sales coming in. But with the Bell Society’s strict rules, it’s becoming more and more evident that she needs to try something unconventional. Her luck shifts when she notices an opportunity: Several residents, and visitors alike, express to her their desire for not just the classic literature on the shelves now, but present day books as well.

With some help from her new friends, Maggie’s newfound love for books, and some stealthiness, Maggie is able to start a banned bookshop right under the Bell Society’s noses that quickly gains popularity — but will she get away with it?…

This story was a fun read, it even had a little bit of a surprise thrown in at the end that I quite enjoyed. I think it was the perfect book to listen to over audio, which was the medium in which I consumed it, as it’s lighthearted and an easy enough story line to keep up with, and jump right back into after a break!

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

📚 Completed: January 2, 2023- 🎧 Audiobook on Audible

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Happy reading! 📚

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