75 Days Towards A New Lifestyle

Happy Sunday evening from the currently not so sunny, Bavaria!

We, AJ & I, have both been unhappy with how we’ve been feeling physically, and COVID as an excuse, has just gone on for far too long… sooo, we decided to go big or go home by kicking off a 75 medium!

We sat down and tweaked the semi-popular challenge, 75 Hard to allow us some realistic options, that would still allow us to enjoy our time living overseas here in Germany.

In 75 Hard, you go 75 days doing the following. Catch is, that if you miss any step, you go back to day 1 of 75!

  • 1 Gallon of water no additions.
  • 2 – 45 minute workouts: one outdoors, one indoors.
  • 10 Active minutes of personal development reading. Physical, no audiobooks.
  • Follow any diet.
  • Daily Progress Picture
  • No Alcohol, No Cheat Meals, No Compromising.

While maybe one day in the future we’ll attempt the full 75 Hard Program as it was designed, we only have so much time in Germany, and Bavaria has the best beer, so we made a few tweaks for Bier and food.

Our version of 75 hard, which we’re calling 75 medium looks something like this:

  • Follow a diet
  • 1 -45 minutes Indoor Workout
  • 1 -45 minute Outdoor Workout
  • 1 Gallon of Water
  • 10 Pages of Physical Reading
  • A Daily Picture

To go a little deeper, and to clarify what counts are ‘allowed’ this is what we’re going for:

  • Follow a diet : We’re going with 1,500 Calories / day (Alcohol counts towards this)
  • 1 45 minutes Indoor Workout (I’m doing Beach Bodies, Control Freak with Yoga on Control Freak “Rest Days”)
  • 1 45 minute Outdoor Workout (Predominately Cardio Focused: Bike Ride, Hike, Jog/Run, Sports)
  • 1 Gallon of Water (Crystal Light, Lemon & Cucumber waters are permitted)
  • 10 Pages of Physical Reading (Not limited to personal development, just has to be a physical book)
  • A Daily Picture (Picture in motion – Before, halfway point & after progress picture).

One difference between AJ & I though is that I’m allowing myself ONE cheat meal per week. Now technically any day can have a cheat meal, because say I have an ice cream Sundae that equals 1,400 calories, that’s fine.. I’m just left with 100 calories for the day. But for my cheat meal day, I’m allowed to go over the 1,500 calories for the day. But that’s it – NO MORE EXCEPTIONS OR EXCUSES!

We will officially be kicking off our 75 Medium Challenge tomorrow, Monday April 25 so wish us luck – or do even better join us!

Interested in joining us?

AJ’s 75 Medium
Jacklyn’s 75 Medium

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Gradaute 75 Medium!

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