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6. The Postmistress of Paris by Meg Waite Clayton

Naneé takes us through life as someone who was not Jewish or in (direct) harms way with the Germans during World War II, in fact she’s a wealthy American Heiress. With Edouard and his daughter joining the team, the story gets even deeper and we are able to see more sides of life during the war, to include being Jewish. What Naneé and her wartime found friends do is beyond selfless, and a beautiful peek into just how much war changes everyone… no matter if you’re on the side being attacked, or living in freed France as an American. With so many confused people as to what they should do or shouldn’t do during war times, the group of brave individuals Naneé surrounds herself with make you hope that if you were alive during that time, you would have wanted to do something, just to be able to help someone wrongly going through their lives being uprooted and forever changed. You realize just how much someone could have helped another by the simplest gesture or effort. Even by ignoring someone, you could have saved a life. After reading The Postmistress of Paris, you’re just left with the urge to be an over all, better human being, and wanting to know how the story ends.

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️

📚 Completed: January 19, 2022🎧 Audiobook on Libby

Happy reading! 📚

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