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5. Flying Angels by Danielle Steel

I hate to say it, but I wasn’t a big fan of this novel, despite historical fiction being what I gravitate to most, I could not get hooked no matter what happened. I pushed through and finished it, hoping for an ending that would make me forgive what the rest of the book lacked, but never got that either. The fact that I lean towards historical fiction books is why I decided to read Flying Angels, even though I had never even heard of it. In fact, it’s also why I continued reading even after I felt bored about midway through. Unfortunately though, this novel just seemed rushed, and blurted out. Plane was shot down, no one was recovered, so and so was dead. We cried. I went on my flight and saved so and so from a bomb attack. Such tragic moments, to include a character you’ve been attached to since before the war even started, before they were an adult, could die, and aside from two short sentences, is all we’ll get. At most, maybe a rushed mention in the end. There was so much room for story lines, and empathy, sadness when it was justified. I just felt it was not written in the best way possible and quite frankly, disappointed overall.

Rating: ⭐️⭐️

📚 Completed: January 13, 2022🎧 Audiobook on Libby

Happy reading! 📚

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