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Two Months in Deutschland, 34 more to go!

We’re at just under two months at this point living in Germany and we still can’t believe it. While we really didn’t have ultimate say in almost anything, and we encountered more than one curve ball to say the least, we’re in a pretty good spot after being up in the air for a while there.

Just about 8 weeks ago we landed at Ramstein Air Force Base and arrived at our townhouse at 11:50pm. Yes I took a video, no it was not smooth since it was also the first time we even saw the inside of our home for the next three years. Lucky for us though, we really like it! Of course, like almost anything in life, there are things that are not ideal, but this mostly worked out in our favor. Even Luna & Roxy were happy as soon as they stepped out of their kennels.

Aside from the house and getting settled in, we’ve really tried our best to make the most of our time here already! Partially because of COVID and partially because we live in a small village, there isn’t even a real grocery store or restaurant for us to count on, so we’ve been forced to explore the surrounding areas. I can confidently say, we’ve had so much pizza (#hawaiian) and AJ has found his new favorite pasta dish, Rigatoni al forno keine champignons (no mushrooms). We’re also on the lookout for the best Mexican we can get our hands on (things don’t change) and some good Thai. So far we’ve found some worthwhile places, but nothing that I can be a regular at just yet.

So let’s take a moment and briefly talk surrounding cities-

Nuremberg (Nürnberg)-

This was where we spent my 30th birthday, with my sorority little and some of her friends from work.

While the city is popular, especially when it comes to Christmas markets (stay tuned, it’s first up on my must check-out list), like most of Bavaria, everything is basically closed on Sundays. We were able to eat at Five Guys, take a train tour of the city and end the day with a drink and Spargelsuppe (white asparagus soup)! Pretty low key 30th birthday, but after getting to Germany a day and a half before, it was the perfect level of adventure.

Add on: We’ve since gone back and tried out an authentic German restaurant which was quite an experience- Trödelstuben ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️/5. Their presentation was quite unique, and the food tasty, I’m glad we experienced it for ourselves, but don’t personally see myself running back.

Regensberg –

Is another city just full of history and architecture, while also being a college town. It is spilling with restaurants and always something to see. We’ve gone a handful of times, one of which was my first time driving alone in Germany (48 minutes and a thunderstorm on my way back) another was literally just for dinner at a Mexican restaurant (El Sombrero – ⭐️⭐️⭐️.5/5).

Burglengenfeld –

This is such a cute town and relatively close to us, about 20 minutes and it is the perfect place for a casual dinner. In fact, this was where we had our first dinner after we picked up our car! Such a happy surprise and a place worth going back to (Pizzeria Olive – ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️.5/5).


Last but not least, we have Amberg – which has been where we have frequented the most. Most recently, we went to an event called “Summer in the City” that had live bands and food trucks! Super low key event, but a great stride back to normalcy with COVID. Aside from that, I can honestly say this city is the first city I can basically orient around without getting totally lost! Absolute win on my part! I love getting lost on the streets of Amberg and stumbling across a new place, like a biergarten, Irish pub or a Mexican to-go window.

Stay tuned for all the updates and future trips!

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  1. Was so nice to share with you and your encounters as you learn the new place looking forward to see some of them with you both

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