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Less than 24 Hours In Charlotte, NC during a Pandemic

Right before the holidays, we realized a weekend getaway was long overdue. Thanks to the Army though, that getaway had to be one night and less than a two hour drive away. So Friday afternoon, once we got word that our weekend really was off, I logged in to my travel agency account, searched some hotel deals and was booked within minutes! Only catch was that we had to be back home before noon on Sunday.. Here’s what we did —

Quick Snap after a 2 hours car ride – We arrived in Charlotte, NC!

Restaurants, Shops and Things to do

First things first, we are not race car fans, so the Nascar Hall of Fame was automatically off of our list. If Nascar is your thing, I’ve heard nothing but good things about the experience and suggest looking into!

We were in town for a chill, peaceful weekend with each other so obviously food, drinks and entertainment was at the top of our list!

A lot of places looked different than they did the last time we were there. Unfortunately due to COVID, a lot of places that would usually be open were closed. Hopefully temporarily, because Charlotte is home to a ton of awesome restaurants. The places that were open did not disappoint and we were torn between quite a few, multiple times during our stay.

Our hotel check in was done super quick, but I almost always check in at hotels immediately upon arrival. Even if my room isn’t ready, I tend to make my way to the hotel, then work around it until my room is ready before I go out anywhere really. Same thing with cruises in fact – it’s step one for me to feel oriented.

After check in food was Macs Speed Shop – which was Ah-MAZING. They’re known for BBQ, even won awards + have hundreds of beer choices to pick from. Best of both worlds and a perfect source of fuel! From there we spent the next few hours at Olde Mecklenburg Breweries Oktoberfest and let me tell you – it was such a relief. Sooo many dogs, live folk music and bier. Aside from that almost everything else is closed (we can only eat so much) so the rest of the night was spent in the hotel room and we left at 10am to make it back home in time!

Interested in planning a trip but don’t know where to start or just don’t have the time? Contact me – I can plan all the details for you at no cost to you!

Jacklyn Adventures – Independant Travel Agency

Macs SpeedShop BBQ
Hoegaarden Bier at Macs Speed Shop
Das Boot – Olde Mecklenburg Brewery
The Olde Mecklenburg Brewery Oktoberfest
Double fisting boots
This is what I mean by Folk music ** Sorry for the HORRID recording skills. It was a snap to my mom.

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