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Colombia• Medellin, Guatape y Santa fe de Antioquia

¡Bienvenidos a Colombia!

Every year my moms side of the family has a family reunion in Santa fe de Antioquia. While this tradition was reinvented in 2015, my immediate family has only been fortunate enough to join in on the festivities for the last two years. Last year it was my uncles and I, and let’s just say we had so much fun, we went back with some more family! Twist is that we went a few days early this year and explored a little more of what beautiful Colombia has to offer, and boy it never disappoints!


Rise and shine! We left my moms house at 3am and took an uber to catch our 6am flight to José María Córdova (MDE) in Medellin, Colombia from Fort Lauderdale, Florida (FLL). Fast forward a few hours, we made it to Medellin! Our hotel, Sites, offered a shuttle service for a minor charge ~ 50USD. For 5 adults, with plenty of luggage and about a 45/60 minute drive, this was our most expensive transportation cost (after the flights) for our entire trip!

Sites Hotel – booked through

This hotel pleasantly surprising. It’s tall and narrow, so you literally get to see an almost panoramic view of Medellin, El Poblado. The room was clean and modern, and the staff was extremely helpful with suggestions and guidance. Breakfast is also included in the stay.

Our first day was spent settling in, exchanging money (because my uncles had sent money over from Miami), and walking around the city. Dinner was at Mondongo’s, and seriously, if you’re ever in the area, make sure to make this a stop! I was raised on Colombian food, and even my family that lives in Colombia, LOVE this place. It’s soooo good, and coming from the states, you get A LOT for your money. Example, we spent ~75USD on 6 adults, and got:

  • 4 Appetizers
  • 1 Bandeja Paisa
  • 4 Large Mondongo’s
  • +Alcoholic drinks and natural juices
  • ++all meals come with a tinto (or another dessert drink)


Short stay, but worth every second! I would highly recommend going and staying for a long weekend/week. The view was totally different than Medellin, but breathtaking. I would even possibly say that they were even better! The ambiance of Guatape was just so peaceful. Everything was calm and tranquil. Truly an escape from the world.

Santa fe de Antioquia:

I truthfully thought that I would not be as impressed with Santa fe de Antioquia a second time, at least not after seeing Medellin and Guatape, but I was wrong! This town is just home. You can walk around at any time and feel safe. No one really bothers you, but all interactions are kind. The people are humble and welcoming. The little stand owners are so kind. Certainly carry the Colombian way through and through.


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