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Washington DC – National Cherry Blossom Festival

April 2018


This past weekend I spent my Saturday afternoon walking the National Mall in DC, taking in what was left of the Cherry Blossom Festival. While it was a mission to try and find the perfect tree, we still successfully took in some 80 degree sun, wind that picked up dirt, a ton of trees lacking blossoms and not to mention people, everywhere you could image. But despite all that, it was actually quite a lot of fun! There was no actual game plan, other than to see some cherry blossom trees. Simple enough.

The most Cherry Blossoms we saw on one tree Getting to DC was the first step. Mainly because traffic sucks, and parking sucks even more. So I decided to Uber there from Virginia. Once I arrive, there was food trucks! Can’t say no to food, right? So my first stop by default, became the ice cream truck.
Ice cream & a view of the Washington Monument

There some friends met up with me, and we were off to venture through the trees. But first, were the traffic cops. Word of the wise, DO NOT walk or drive in the wrong direction. They will call you out for not walking on the designated cross walk. And if you’re driving, they will walk in front of your car, and yell at you, in front of everyone around, that you are NEVER supposed to go that way. EVER! Watching that, made us not even want to drive around there in the future. Just Uber or metro. Done.

Tidal Basin view of the Jefferson Memorial

While making our way along the Tidal Basin, we stopped at the festival tent and grabbed a Festival Cherry Blossom Ale, which to be honest I was extremely disappointed with. One of my favorite beers ever, is the cherry beer from Delirium in Brussels, Belgium. Disclaimer: I didn’t expect it to be that good. But I was expecting something close. Well, it was nothing close. Just save yourself the $10 and get something else.


Once we finished there, we kept walking until we reached the Jefferson Memorial, which is for some reason one of my favorites. Just something about it.


From there we hopped on the metro, to Foggy Bottom and visited George Washington University for some tacos before heading home on the blue line.

Sol Mexican Grill – GWU
Suggestion: If you’re in DC on a Saturday night, make dinner reservations if you want a sit down meal.

Overall, mission accomplished, another successful chill day in DC done. As for the Cherry Blossoms. I’ll have to make sure to go like a week earlier, when there are still cherry blossoms on the tree.

DC never disappoints.


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