Hello –

My name is Jacklyn and I do things. There’s usually no pattern to anything I do, I just get an idea and run with it. I’m pretty consistent though, in my own inconsistent way. Basically impossible to ever really understand fully. What I do is literally the most difficult question for me to answer, but I will try my best…

Let’s start with why I decided to start a blog. Well on September 10, 2017 while I was sitting in the dark of my South Florida home during Hurricane Irma, the brilliant #visionboard worthy goal came to mind. To make things even more interesting, I simultaneously decided to relocate somewhere and bought a one way plane ticket to Virginia for later that week!

Two years later around Halloween of 2019, I relocated to North Carolina after getting the green flag to stay on my government contract remotely as a Data Analyst. Since then I’ve: reactivated my Real Estate License #AngelaThompsonGroup, taken a ton of travel industry courses to strengthen my independent travel agency #JacklynAdventures, became an avid reader #52booksayear and added Mrs. to the front of name by marrying my amazing husband AJ, which also made me a military spouse.

So basically I’ve lead a very busy and blessed life! The good news for everyone that visits my blog [meaning you] is that you get to read about my wins, losses and experiences from over the years as they are the inspiration to my blog posts, along with everything the future has in store for us! 





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A New Adventure Begins